The Copy Generator: A Tool To Create Powerful, Persuasive Copy

The Copy Generator: A Tool To Create Powerful

The Copy Generator: A Tool To Create Powerful, Persuasive Copy

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Salepage : The Copy Generator: A Tool To Create Powerful, Persuasive Copy
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Is your copy failing to connect with customers?

Are you:
❌ Struggling to persuade your prospects, even though you know you can help them?
❌ Unsure how to structure a sales or product page, in order to drive conversions and grow sales?
❌ Spending too long on what should be a straightforward process?

Yup. We’ve been there.

Enter some basic info – and this tool turns your offering into persuasive, powerful sales copy
The tool breaks down some key facts about your audience, your product and your solution – then uses an in-built formula to process the information you’ve provided.

This turns your insights into a clear, ordered structure based on our extensive knowledge and experience of consumer psychology.

You’ll ensure that you’re giving your prospective customers the information they need to know. And as a result, you’ll close more sales and win more business.

Hi! I’m Aidan
I’m co-founder and creative director of Far From Avocados, one of Ireland’s most innovative content marketing agencies.

I also set up the Lean Content Academy to share some of the internal tools I built for our agency – such as the Advanced Content Roadmap Generator, our Content Marketing Checklist, our List Builder…

And this – our latest addition, after two years of successful internal trials, tweaks and refinements!

People REALLY love what we do

At first, we were a bit taken aback by this response
We didn’t expect several thousand sales in our first month of sharing our tools online. And while we knew our ‘secret weapons’ were powerful, we never for a moment thought the world would agree with us so emphatically!

But the more we thought about it, the more it made sense.

Our tools save time, create real value, and help marketers, agencies, business owners and sales professionals to achieve quality, consistency and growth.
Our tools help people to succeed
“Fantastic. Simple and yet distilled my ramblings into meaningful nuggets. Definitely helped me to then go back and refine things. Highly recommend to get your messaging clarified.”

– Billie Jayne B C (via Facebook)

Follow the simple steps and revolutionise your copywriting process
Define the problem: This sheet is based on the PAS framework – Problem, Agitation, Solution. So let’s start with the P. What’s the issue your audience is facing, and why haven’t they already solved it?

Define the cost of the problem: What’s the agitation, or the ‘problem behind the problem’? What is motivating your audience to want to solve this – and what will happen if they don’t do something about it?

Break down your solution into granular fragments: Using the formulas that are preloaded into the spreadsheet, and based on your previous answers, you can break your offering down into simple understandable parts.

The key here is alignment – the format of this tool helps you to ensure you’re putting the right information into the right place at the right time.

Add in key elements of supporting information: Based on the science of decision-making, we’ve provided scope to include choice-authenticators such as authority (why they should buy from you) or social proof (evidence that others are doing the same).

Copy the outputs from the Output tab: The information from the first tab will flow into a special structure, designed and devised by us based on our extensive knowledge of consumer psychology.

This forms the basis of a killer sales page – and after a quick fine-tune, you’ll be ready to go live and start selling more.

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