The Content Checklist: 84 Actionable Steps To A Perfect Campaign

The Content Checklist: 84 Actionable Steps To A Perfect Campaign

The Content Checklist: 84 Actionable Steps To A Perfect Campaign

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What do you think is stopping you from creating great content?

You’ll probably say time, budget or talent – but with a rock-solid process, you don’t need to rely on these things a fraction as much as you currently do.

Building that kind of process takes trial, error, iteration and experience. But thankfully we’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to…

What’s holding you back when it comes to content marketing?
Maybe it’s not knowing where to start.

Maybe it’s the feeling of having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every single time you kick off a new campaign.

Maybe it’s that feeling that we’re always forgetting something – or that we could be doing just that little bit more to make our efforts go further.

And in the end, too many of us just say… screw this!
Best-case scenario: We spend too much time trying to put all the pieces together, and not enough time engaging and communicating with our audience.

Worst-case scenario: We just overlook content altogether. Too much hassle. We’ll do it tomorrow. Next month. Next year. Some time… and hopefully our competitors won’t get their act together more quickly than we do.
So let’s cut to the chase… what’s our solution?
It’s pretty simple, really. Process.

Not the type of process that will make your content seem robotic and impersonal.

Not the type that you’re going to spend more time learning to get to grips with than ultimately using.

And not the type that comes in a document that you can read, get excited about, but then ultimately hit a brick wall when you go to get started.
You need an action plan. And that’s what we’ve got for you.

We’ve broken down the overwhelming tasks into manageable chunks, meaning you get:
Bite-sized tasks
We don’t tell you to ‘create content’ – because you know that already. Instead, we list the simple, achievable steps that will get you there.
Detailed instructions
This isn’t just a checklist – it’s an instructional document with tips, directions and tools to help you get from start to finish, no matter what your experience level is.
Status checks and trackability
The satisfaction when you mark a task as done – and the whole line goes green. YUM. Who could resist that?

Hi, I’m Aidan!
Lovely to meet you. How are you keeping?

I run Far From Avocados, a successful marketing agency in Dublin, Ireland. We’ve grown from 0 to 7-figures in turnover in just over three years.

Why? Because we understand that great processes lead to great content.

And guess what… I built this tool!
If I sound like an excitable child showing their parent a work of art they’ve just completed, that could be down to one of two reasons:

a) My toddler just showed me a painting while I was writing this, so I guess that was on my mind
It was of a bridge on the Island of Sodor, and it looked great!

b) I AM proud of this tool!
Like son, like father.

Too many people – both in my own agency and in client organizations we worked with – were ‘reinventing the wheel’ every time they began to create a content plan.

And I include myself in that – in fact, I was probably the worst offender of all!

Too much energy was being invested in managing the process – and not enough was being spent on making mind-blowingly good content that grew businesses.
So I did what I do best.
I solved the problem, once and for all.

I asked myself:

“What if I can create a checklist that breaks down step-by-step the stages of a content marketing campaign, and help people to turn this complicated process into an easy one?”

“What if I can get these steps out of my brain and on to a page, documenting exact instructions for each step for creating sales-generating and connection building content?”

“What if I can create a marketing content checklist where every step is simple – but the sum of the parts is professional-grade?”
And that’s exactly what I did.
Meet the Step-By-Step Content Marketing Checklist…

84 Steps. 9 Stages.
This tool separates the 84 steps into nine distinct stages of the content process, bringing you from initiation to completion.

1) Strategy Development
Explore your business objectives, your audience, your opportunities and how these influence your content strategy.

2) Technical Preparation
Get set-up for launching your social media and ad accounts.

3) Pre-Production
Plan how you’re going to create your content, by establishing repeatable processes, allowing you to get the right information from the right people.

4) Production
Execute these plans by creating blog, video, podcast and email content.

5) Quality Control
Edit and cross-check everything you’ve produced to ensure that it’s in line with your brand.

6) Re-purposing
Invest time in making sure that you can reuse the content you’ve created in multiple ways.

7) Optimization
Deep-dive into SEO to ensure that the right people are finding your brand.

8) Distribution
Get started on your ad campaigns, focusing on what audiences you’re targeting and running conversion campaigns.

9) Measurement
Gauge your success against your KPIs and adjust your approach accordingly.

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