Robin Sampson – Creation Era

Robin Sampson – Creation Era

Robin Sampson – Creation Era

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During this challenging time we are offering 60% any Bible journaling class or package as our contribution to encourage you to get into God’s Word. Use the Coupon Code STAYHOME on checkout.

If you are new to the Bible, it can feel overwhelming and confusing; and if you have read through the Bible there is still a chance you may see it as a series of unconnected stories put together at random.

The sixty-six books of the Bible are one magnificent unified story about God’s loving, striving pursuit of restoring His relationship us,His children. To understand this story you need the key.

The key is structure. This course will help you easily understand the structure of the twelve Bible history eras. Having this key will enable you to put the major men and women and events together in their proper chronological order, as well as to understand how Jesus is revealed as Messiah throughout both testaments. As we learn about each era, we will Bible journal using several different methods.

Bible Journaling through the Creation Era is the first in a 12 part series: Bible Journaling through the 12 Bible Eras.

Dozens of Printables & Digital Kits Included

Receive a New Kit Every Lesson

Each era includes video lessons, printables, and Q&A sessions in the Facebook Group – the author Robin Sampson. Era 1 includes four digital and printable its (one for every lesson) and course kits (tabs, papers, watercolor backgrounds, pockets, tags, timelines, TN covers, etc)




Each lesson includes at least two video lessons. A Bible study teaching and a “Watch Me Bible Journal” lesson.

Use the Images to Bible Journal in a Travelers Notebook or a Bible



Bible Journaling: A Creative, Fun, Unique Class

As we learn about each Bible era, we will also learn about different Bible journaling methods. Each lesson is divided into four steps. In steps one and two study the Bible era. Steps three and four are about design principle and Bible Journaling. Each era lesson includes three different methods of Bible journaling so you can sample the methods to find your favorite:

  • Traditional in a Bible
  • In a Travelers Notebook
  • Digitally on the Computer

What You Get

  • Bible study videos
  • “Watch Me Bible Journal” videos
  • Printable kits you can use to make DIY stickers for your Bible or Travelers Notebook
  • Digital PNG files you can use to Bible journal digitally.
  • Access to Robin and other students via the Facebook group for questions and discussions.
  • Each Era includes Four -step lessons:
    1. An overview of the Bible era.
    2. Video: Summary of the major persons or event of the Bible era.
    3. Video: “Watch Me Bible Journal” – instructions. Follow along and create your own pages using your favorite method.
    4. A chance to share your pages – others.

IMPORTANT: This course will show digital pages being created but it does NOT include Photoshop or Photoshop Elements lessons. See the QwickLearn Photoshop or Photoshop Elements class for basics.

Facebook Group

We have a huge Facebook group of wonderful ladies taking this class. You can fellowship, ask questions, discuss lessons and share.

During this challenging time we are offering 60% any Bible journaling class or package as our contribution to encourage you to get into God’s Word. Use the Coupon Code STAYHOME on checkout. Save an ADDITIONAL 60% Off package prices listed here.

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Robin Sampson

Robin Sampson

Homeschool mother to nine children, Bible teacher, designer, and author of A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays, Ancient History: Adam to Messiah, The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach, What Your Child Needs to Know When, Wisdom Unit Study, and Adam to Abraham Unit Study.

Robin’s designer and Bible journal kits can be found at the BibleJournalLove Etsy Shop.

See Robin’s articles on

Proceeds from these classes and BibleJournalLove Etsy shop automatically go to support three ministries every month:,, and These three ministries are devoted making Bible resources available. I hope you get a chance to visit each site and take advantage of their amazing resources.
Because of supporters like you people around the world are discovering the Bible and growing in a their relationship to God.

Course Curriculum



    Start Here


    Facebook Messenger Announcements


    What You Need Before Class


    Printables 1 Tabs, Washi, & TN Covers


    25 Free Bible Study Tool Sites


    Printables 2: TN Backgrounds & Papers


    Bonus: Art Journaling Kit


    Bonus Papers & Elements


    Tips & Trouble Shooting


    Recommended Reading

Creation Era

    Lesson 1.1 Creation (49:31)


    Lesson 1.2 The Fall (77:14)


    Lesson 1.3 The Flood (27:11)


    Lesson 1.4 Tower of Babel (25:30)

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