Janine Halloran – Create Coping Skills Champions at Home

Janine Halloran – Create Coping Skills Champions at Home

Janine Halloran – Create Coping Skills Champions at Home

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Create Coping Skills Champions at Home

A Course for Parents and Family Members

A central aim of any society should be that its children enjoy their lives and acquire the skills necessary to become happy, functioning adults. For this, they need to develop emotional buoyancy, coping skills, resilience and the ability to form constructive social relationships.

-World Happiness Report, 2015

When you have children, your goal is to help them learn and grow into productive members of society. Recently, you’ve started to notice that your child is getting….

  • frustrated
  • anxious
  • worried
  • angry
  • overwhelmed

And they don’t know what to do! Many kids are finding it hard to cope – feelings and expressing those feelings in healthy ways. And you are trying to figure out different ways to help them.

So what can you do?

You can teach kids coping skills. You can create champions who can identify and manage their big feelings.

But how do you do this?

In the middle of a melt down is no time to figure out coping skills.

In this course you’ll learn how to teach kids coping skills. The course presents ideas for exploring what coping skills kids already have and ways to figure out ones they can try. You’ll also learn ways to encourage kids to use these skills when they are needed.

To make learning about feelings and teaching coping skills to kids easy to start at home, there’s an e-book of family activities – the necessary printables that you need to get started. This would be perfect for elementary school aged kids.

Please note: this course does not qualify for NBCC Hours.

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Janine Halloran

Janine Halloran

Janine Halloran is the Founder of Coping Skills for Kids (part of Encourage Play, LLC) where she provides products for parents to help their kids cope – stressful situations in healthy ways. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has been working – children, adolescents and their families for over 15 years.

Janine is the author of the #1 Best Seller Coping Skills for Kids Workbook. She is a national speaker, talking about coping skills to use in a school setting. She has written for the NBC Parent Toolkit, Hey Sigmund and Confident Parents, Confident Kids. She has been a guest on AT Parenting Survival Podcast and The We Turned Out Okay podcast, and has been part of the Mom Conference and the Positive Parenting Conference.

Janine lives in Massachusetts – her husband and their two children. When Janine isn’t working, you can find her in her garden or doing an arts and crafts project. She has a weakness for a good glass of wine, Nutella and British TV mysteries.

Course Curriculum


Create Coping Skills Champions at Home!

    Lesson 1 – Welcome to the Coping Skills Champions at Home course (11:16)


    Lesson 2 – How to introduce Coping Skills to Kids (15:34)


    Lesson 3 – Calming Coping Skills Ideas (12:21)


    Lesson 4 – Physical Coping Skills Ideas (7:42)


    Lesson 5 – Distraction Coping Skills Ideas (6:33)


    Lesson 6 – Processing Coping Skills Ideas for Understanding Feelings (7:22)


    Lesson 7 – Processing Coping Skills Ideas for Expressing Feelings and Thoughts (8:35)


    Lesson 8 – How to set up your home (20:27)


    Lesson 9 – Self-Care – Let’s work on our own coping skills (10:51)

While there are some resources in this course that you can find in the Coping Skills for Kids Workbook, there are others that are only available here. Resources available only in this course will be indicated by an *

In Lesson 1, we take a look at the research about how kids are feeling these days. We talk about the importance of teaching kids about feelings. If we can be proactive and preventative, that’s so helpful for all kids!

Lesson 1 Resources:

Family Activities e-book

In Lesson 2, we review what coping skills are, how to identify what coping skills kids already have, and how to build upon those coping skills.

Lesson 2 Resources:

Feelings Questions*

Coping Skills Checklist

Skills to Try

My Coping Skills

When do challenging behaviors occur?*

In Lesson 3, we focus on different types of coping skills. First, we focus on skills designed to help kids calm down. We look at how much breathing matters, and several ways to have kids try those skills. We also look at several other tried and true ways to help kids relax.

Lesson 3 Resources:

Make a calming jar printable*

Deep breathing printables

Deep Breathing Craft*

54321 Grounding Technique

In Lesson 4, we focus on physical coping skills – skills designed to get out all that extra energy that comes – big feelings. We talk about small body movements (like squeezing dough) and big body movements (like wall push ups or jumping jacks)

Lesson 4 Resources:

DIY Recipes for play dough, oobleck, moon sand and cloud clay*

Make a homemade stress ball

Lesson 5 focuses on distraction coping skills. There are times when kids experience stressful situations that are out of their control; or they have been perseverating on a worry or fear. They need skills that can distract them so they can focus on what they need to do.

Lesson 5 Resources:

Social Stages of Play infographic*

Play Types infographic*

What’s your play personality infographic*

Lessons 6 & 7 are all about processing feelings. We look at helping kids understand and identify their feelings, then expressing those feelings through healthy channels.

Lesson 6 & 7 Resources:

Web of Feelings printable*

Family feelings check in printable*

Track my feelings*

Feelings Thermometer

Where do I feel things in my body

Worry scale 1 – 10 – blank notes* (blank notes not included in workbook)

Lesson 8 focuses on implementation at home, starting – setting up a calm down spot and creating a coping skills toolkit for home and on the go. There’s a ton of ideas for books, fidgets, and games you can keep on hand to help teach coping skills to kids. There’s also a section to help you manage when your child is in a crisis.

Lesson 8 Resources:

Family Schedule Template*

Blank Cue Cards

We can’t forget about taking care of ourselves! Lesson 9 is focused on self-care. We are role models for the kids in our lives, and we need to show that we use coping skills too!

Lesson 9 Resources:

To Do List*

full of professional wisdom and practical advice that I can use straight away, and it means a lot that it comes from a professional in the field of children’s emotional health. 

– LucyUK

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