[Dylan Werner] Fascial Conditioning System

[Dylan Werner] Fascial Conditioning System

[Dylan Werner] Fascial Conditioning System

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Fascial Conditioning System

Fascia is a broad term for the connective tissue that weaves throughout the entire body to stabilize and bind the muscles, bones, and organs together. This series uses dynamic, rebounding movements to condition and reorganize our fascia into supple, reactive bands, dramatically increasing range of motion, athleticism, and mobility. 

When fascia loses its elasticity due to inactivity, lack of mobility, or aging, our bodies lose their youthful bounce and we feel achy, sore, and unable to perform optimally in yoga or other physical activities. 

Elasticity – Description

This plan is divided into the major fascial lines. Each of the 30-minute classes trains each fascial line through dynamic rebound training. As we move dynamically into a movement, we allow the rebound to return us to our neutral position. By training the fascia in this way, we not only feel healthier and more mobile, but over time we increase our balance, proprioception, and reflex.

Plasticity – Description

Plasticity refers to fascia changing its length and retaining its shape. When fascia is stretched past its elastic qualities for longer periods of time, the bonds that hold the fascia together are altered and new bonds form. This remolding of fascia promotes improved mobility by reducing tension and rigidity.

Each of the five classes in this series stretches through one of the five major fascial lines. By separating the videos into different fascial sheets, you get the optimal amount of time to rest, recover, and remodel one fascial line before continuing on to stretch others. The poses in this series are held for 8 to 10 breaths to allow enough time to stretch into the fascia and maximize our time efficiently.

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