Ben Barker – Bsapps FX Course

Ben Barker – Bsapps FX Course

Ben Barker – Bsapps FX Course

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How disappointed was I when I lost £20,000 in my first 3 months! I had to take a break from it for several weeks. However, I could not resist jumping back into the market even after my experience. I was called crazy from those close to me, because they felt that only someone insane would go towards something which made them loose almost every penny they had. But like you, it is not just about the money. I developed a passion for the charts, I craved and I loved being involved with the daily movements. I needed to know why and how they moved. I felt like I had unfinished business with the markets, I could not live with being defeated, when I knew I was better than that.



For months I lost more than I won, which was really painful for me. I was very much alone just like most people. I had to learn a lot alone and train myself. I watched every video, studied people on social media, their strategies and stories- switching up my strategy, adding and removing, refining, giving up, trying again. But, the fact that I was actually learning motivated me. Every mistake, win and loss was shaping me into the person I needed to be to win more than I lost.

I begun seeing breakthroughs within my trading when I started journalling and collecting data on my past and present moves, I joined groups, read and watched others analysis and after removing 90% of the fluff you see today within trading I found and perfected a strict rule based strategy which allowed me to consistently pull money from the markets week in and week out. I’m not talking about 5 or 10 pips, but hundreds and sometimes in excess of 1,000 pips per week, every week.

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